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The Parrot's Perch by Karen Keilt 
April 8 . 2019 
recovery from torture, health after torture, healing severe abuse, amazing women

From torture to first woman GM of a Men's Pro Hockey League: 

Born to wealth and ease, Karen Keilt married her prince and looked forward to life unfolding through marriage, children and health. Yet within a few months of marriage, Brazilian police incarcerated them both. Karen spent the next 45 days being tortured.
But what happened next is even more amazing. After release, she gave birth and by the time her son was 18 months, she fled Brazil for the US where she built, slowly and with many false steps an amazing and healthy life for herself and her child.
Through a series of events Karen took on the job of being the first woman GM of a men's pro hockey
team the Florida Hammerheads.
Listen in as Karen expresses more about her life in this interview with this amazing woman.

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