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Letters to a Dead Friend About Zen by Brad Warner
Jan. 20, 2020
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Listen in as Brad Warner continues his fascinating talk about the Western mind interpreting Eastern traditions like Buddhism, what the teacher/student relationship sometimes means and how to write a big selling book when you don't intend to! Here. 

Letters to a Dead Friend About Zen by Brad Warner 
Jan 13  2020
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In this lively interview Brad Warner speaks clearly about the essence of Zen practice, how Zen and meditation may mean the same thing, or not, and many more fascinating details regarding the culture of Zen in different countries and the history of Zen in ours. Listen in for some surprises from this common-sense down to earth Zen teacher, Brad Warner. 

For more books by Brad Warner and to listen to this fascinating speaker go to: 


Mennonite Daughter: Story of a Plain Girl by Marian Beaman 
Jan 6 2020

Mennonite, leaving Mennonites, finding self in colour, finding self
Marian Beaman loved her family and neighborhood. She describes with such detail her life in rural Pennsylvania among rural Mennonites and their culture. It came as a shock to discover as she began to grow up that she was not comfortable in the plain cap and extra plain clothes of the traditional Mennonite women. Listen in as Marian describes her shift from Mennonite daughter to her own strong personality.

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