My Impossible Life trauma travel & transcendence /. The Man Behind the Marathons: How Ron Calhoun Helped Terry Fox and Others Make Millions for Charity by Elaine Cougler

My Impossible Life: trauma travel & transcendence by Charlene Jones 

Reader Views Award Winner. 
Book Excellence Finalist in Memoir 
Readers Favorites 5 Stars 

Whistler Independent Book Awards

Charlene Jones has written a fascinating book filled with globe-trotting adventures and interior journeys through mystical landscapes. She shares her emotional exploration of eastern and western healing practices and comes through the fire of her trauma conscious and liberated. This book will inspire others who may wish to undertake their own healing journeys.


Amazon Top Reviewer Ken Korczak TopTenBookReviews—

My Impossible Life by Canadian-born Writer Charlene Jones Offers Profound Insights Derived from Epic Healing Journey (full review here:



Readers Favorites Mamta Madhavan—

Charlene Jones's story of healing and triumph will give hope to many readers…(full review here:


The Wishing Shelf Book Awards of the UK—

“A captivating memoir, intimately written…effective writing style…inspirational read.”

Beautiful Affliction  by Lene Fogelberg 
September 14. 2020
memoir, deadly heart disease, barely survives, miracles

Lene Fogelberg is dying—she is sure of it—but no doctor in Sweden, her home country, believes her. Love stories enfold her, with her husband, her two precious daughters, her enchanting surroundings, but the question she has carried in her heart since childhood—Will I die young?—is threatening all she holds dear, even her sanity. 
Listen in as Lene Fogelberg describes her journey both to a full life of health and her journey as a memoirist here. 

 The Man Behind the Marathons: How Ron Calhoun Helped Terry Fox and Other Heroes Make Millions for Charity by Elaine Cougler

September 7th 2020 

When Ron Calhoun asked Elaine Cougler to write the story of how Terry Fox and other remarkable men raised and continued to raise millions for charity, she declined. But Ron Calhoun was not a man to be put off by the first obstacle. Elaine Cougler found herself switching from historic fiction author to creative non-fiction author. And the switch proved as daunting as running a marathon! Listen in as Elaine Cougler describes her experiences. Be inspired by these five men and the woman who wrote their story! 

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