Radical Relief for Trying Times: 10 minutes to Learn How to Contain Emotional Energy

Radical Relief for Trying Times: 

Today listen in to this offering of how to both give space and time to your own deep emotions and how to learn to contain those emotions when they threaten to spill over. Your ability to learn emotional fluency remains powerful. Just ten minutes a day will make a difference! 

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My Impossible Life trauma travel transcendence by Charlene Jones 

Ken Korczak Amazon Top Reviewer and Book Review Professional says this about
My Impossible Life:

My Impossible Life by Canadian-born Writer Charlene Jones Offers Profound Insights Derived from Epic Healing Journey
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This book might be compared to On the Road if Jack Kerouac had been a woman and talented. Kerouac was merely a social malcontent and a drunk. I tend to agree with Truman Capote’s conclusion on Kerouac’s work: “That’s not writing, that’s typing.”
CHARLENE JONES, however, turns in a story about an epic road trip that traverses an international path. That path does double duty as both a physical journey around the planet and an esoteric trek into the deeper levels of the soul.
MY IMPOSSIBLE LIFE is not typing. It’s writing.
I would describe Jones’ writing style as organic. Other good words might be earthy, sensual and visceral. At the same time, her result is vivid and immediate with everything laid right out on the surface. Each page will sting the reader with the author’s palpable sense of psychic pain. It’s easy for us to grasp – at least intellectually — what’s generating her agony. At the tender young age of 16, she was abducted and brutally raped and tortured by two escaped convicts.

From the back blurb: 
Running from an untenable home life, Charlene finds herself captive to two armed felons for three days. She returns to her home but shows up wasted and addicted until she meets and travels with the contentious meditation teacher Lesley George Dawson. While her outer adventures include escaping tornadoes while sailing the Gulf of Mexico and meditating 21 hours a day during a 3-month silent meditation retreat, her inner world roil with horrifying nightmares, relationships she can't sustain and a physical numbness that accompanies her everywhere. Will her focus on healing guide her through the dark labyrinths of her past and yield a life worth living? How will she weave the paradoxes in what she calls "My Impossible Life". 

Broth from the Cauldron a Wisdom Journey through Everyday Magic by Cerridwen Fallingstar 
April 13th 2020 
wiccan, witches, shaman, western civilization old religion, new religion, spiritual wisdom
Join me in this lively conversation with Cerridwen Fallingstar long-time Wiccan practitioner, teacher, witch, speaker and author. In our second conversation we discuss how to write from trance, how valuable is research, and her story of her past lives as well as her conception in this one. A joyous, laughter-filled conversation! 


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