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My Impossible Life: trauma travel & transcendence by Charlene Jones 

Reader Views Award Winner. 
Book Excellence Finalist in Memoir 
Readers Favorites 5 Stars 

Whistler Independent Book Awards

Charlene Jones has written a fascinating book filled with globe-trotting adventures and interior journeys through mystical landscapes. She shares her emotional exploration of eastern and western healing practices and comes through the fire of her trauma conscious and liberated. This book will inspire others who may wish to undertake their own healing journeys.


Amazon Top Reviewer Ken Korczak TopTenBookReviews—

My Impossible Life by Canadian-born Writer Charlene Jones Offers Profound Insights Derived from Epic Healing Journey (full review here:



Readers Favorites Mamta Madhavan—

Charlene Jones's story of healing and triumph will give hope to many readers…(full review here:


The Wishing Shelf Book Awards of the UK—

“A captivating memoir, intimately written…effective writing style…inspirational read.”

Mennonite Daughter: Story of a Plain Girl by Marian Beaman,

 Mennonite Daughter: Story of a Plain Girl by Marian Beaman 

December 14. 2020

Marian Beaman loved her family and neighborhood. She describes with such detail her life in rural Pennsylvania among rural Mennonites and their culture. It came as a shock to discover as she began to grow up that she was not comfortable in the plain cap and extra plain clothes of the traditional Mennonite women.
Mennonite, leaving Mennonites, finding self in colour, finding self
Listen in as Marian describes her shift from Mennonite daughter to her own strong personality.

 Mama Mama Only Mama by Lara Lillibridge 

Dec 7th 2020 

Are single mothers still women? Do single mothers write? If you are Lara Lillibridge, the answer to both questions is a resounding yes. Lara leads this fascinating discussion about how society views single mothers, how she terms her situation as "a family with two houses" as she offers insight on single parenting and how she handles being a woman who is a mother. Listen in to this 15 min podcast for insight and warmth from the unique and wise Lara Lillibridge.

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