Even If Your Heart Would Listen by Elise Schiller: Losing My Daughter to Heroin

 Even If Your Heart Would Listen: Losing My Daughter to Heroin by Elise Schiller 

January 4 2021 
memoir, losing daughter to heroin, opioid addiction, mother loses daughter, health system failed

When Elise Schiller's youngest child, her daughter Giana, died of an opioid addiction Elise began searching through Giana's medical records. What she found there, along with her own independent research into the most advanced methods for treating opioid addiction, describes how the most expensive medical treatment failed to provide Giana with enough support she would be alive today. Listen in as Elise discusses with balance and insight how the medical facilities failed to treat her daughter's underlying emotional diseases and how Elise has joined her city's campaign to bring education and awareness to all about opioid addiction.  

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