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Saturday May 14th   2  to 4 pm 

Throat Chakra Bliss! 
Stouffville Yoga Life and Soulsciences present a workshop to help you 
Open your Throat Chakra! 
Come to this fun, engaging experience of games, exercises and meditations 
to clear and open your Throat Chakra. 

42 Somerville St. 

Cost    $45.80  (tx inc) 

See you there!

Saturday April 2nd 2016    2  to 4 pm 
Soulsciences and Stouffville Yoga Life present: 
Deepening Your Meditation Experience 

Saturday March 12th,   2 to 4 pm 
Soulsciences and Stouffville Yoga Life present: 

SATURDAY FEBRUARY 27th, 2 to 4 pm


Mark Saturday February 27th between 2 and 4 pm for your opportunity to join our Healing Circle.
Come to 42 Somerville Ave Stouffville to the beautiful studio of Stouffville Yoga Life.
Once here, you'll come into the studio and find a comfortable spot among us; then I'll guide us through placing the names of those for whom we wish healing into the centre sphere. As each name is put into the sphere everyone in the room focuses for a beat upon that name, bringing healing and helpful energy to that person.

Healing Circle Soulsciences and Stouffville Yoga Life present

The basis for this experience comes from Dr. Larry Dossey who conducted quadruple blind experiments in the 1980's with by-pass patients. The research demonstrated those patients receiving the prayers and meditations healed in less time and stayed healthy for a longer period than those who went without prayers and meditation. No one knew for whom they prayed or meditated. None of the attending physicians and nurses knew which patients were being prayer for, and patients themselves did not if they were receiving prayer and meditation or not.

So come, and bring to our circle those names of people you know in need. Whether their struggle be in health, relationships, finances, career, or any other area, bring their name to go into our Healing Circle.

We will close with a group prayer/meditation upon our beautiful Planet Earth, healing and helping her through these times of struggle.

I look forward to seeing you Saturday February 27th between 2 and 4 pm at
42 Somerville Ave. Stouffville.

cost is $40. per person

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