Podcast: Guided Meditation for Home 
March 15 . 2019

I've been teaching meditation for over thirty years and have often been asked to create a podcast so people who want to meditate at home might be able to follow similar instructions to our meditation sessions, Mondays and Wednesdays at Stouffville Yoga Life in Stouffville.
Here is the podcast. I hope you enjoy it and if you hav any suggestions for ways to improve this podcast, or any other ideas, I hope you'll connect with me at

Five Minute Meditation for Peace 

In light of today's tragic news from New Zealand, and honouring that land where I first did retreat, I offer this short meditation on helping you find calm in the storms, then giving peace and love to our planet. Listen in here. 

Visualization and Neuroscience

Silence Boosts Mental Health

You Can!

Imagination Vacation!

Meditation for Breast Cancer 

Yoga Over Walking: More GABA

Sesame Street's Best Meditation  

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