Two Israeli Sisters Crack the Publishing Code 
Oracle's Hunt follows The First 

May 22  2017

 These Israeli sisters living in the middle of war, continue to offer something to "better the world." One writes, one carries marketing, publishing, everything else and together they have created as their initial book The First (fascinating take on human evolutionary potential) and now The Oracle's Hunt.
Listen in to their discussion of writing and publishing here.

A romance, cytech thriller and crime story all in one

Change Maker Rebecca Austill-Clausen   

May 15th 2017

Winner of two awards and finalist for a third, Change Maker is making big changes! 
Change Maker took IPPY's Silver Medal for New Age/Mind-Body-Spirit; won Nautilus Silver for Death +Dying/Grief+Loss   and in Foreword Reviews is an Indie Finalist in Body, Mind _+ Spirit! 
Congratulations Rebeccas Austill-Clausen!!

Fairies? Elves in your garden? Findhorn and this author, Rebecca Austill-Clausen say yes to all the above. Austill-Clausen began by seeing the dearly departed humans from her life and moved on to notice the Fairy Kingdom. For more, listen in here

This is the cover for the book about Fairies, and seeing beyond the physical.






Breaking the Fourth Wall: An Uncertain Journey on Turkey's Lycian Way

Interview with author Michelle Sevigny      Monday May 8th  2017

Hike the Lycian Way? Discover through the outer hike an inner trail to healing? Recognize healing has its own path? Say yes to all of these and more in the memoir by Michelle Sevigny called 
Breaking the Fourth Wall: 
Listen to our interview here. 

for more about Michelle and her works go to  http://www.michellesevigny.com/

The Housekeeper: Suellen Dainty 
May 1  2017

Fabulous Fiction, Women's Fiction, Modern Fiction,
Celebrity, identity, secrets, lies and memory all wind around in this novel about the life crisis that forces Ann to come to terms with her forgotten childhood, and the mother who abandoned her. Listen in here for the interview with Suellen Dainty as we discuss the role of memory in forming identity and much more.

What Happened to Me: Ritchie White 

This short book describes the cause of Ritchie White's PTSD but more importantly the relief from symptoms he has found through an unusual source. Listen here to learn more about how this man refuses the normal paths to relief in favour of a newly discovered one. 

PTSD, relief from symptoms, healing, methods of healing, self resource

The Power of Reading Memoir 
April 3rd  2017

Here  Irene Allison describes her love of reading Memoir and how this love has changed her sense of herself. Allison includes many memoir writers from the well known Cheryle Strayed to little known authors in her recounting of the value of reading the lives of others. 

book on palliative care, compassionate end of life care, hospice from the point of view of those whose lives are ending


Memoir, Memoir Writing, Teacher of Memoir Talks
March 27th  2017

Memoir writing demands different refinements than fiction or other forms of non-fiction writing. Listen in here as Annette Gendler, author of the upcoming memoir Jumping Over Shadows,  describes some of the skills necessary to create compelling memoir.
Annette Gendler's memoir of being non-Jewish, falling in love with a Jewish man, tracing their family stories and much more

 www.annettegendler.com   for more of this author's great writing

Orphan to Award Winning Author: Resilient Redemption 

March 20, 2017

Laura McHale Holland spent her early years escaping the abuse of her step-mother, trying to fit in with her much more financially advantaged peers, steering clear of some trouble only to land in struggle. Read this well written memoir for a moving narrative and a protagonist without a shim of self-pity who emerges finally as a loving, caring, forgiving mother and partner. Listen here for more about Laura McHale Holland, her take on the current state of the US, her role as a mother and much more.
Memoir, Childhood Abuse, Rising Above, Healing, Healthy Choices,

March 13th 2017 

Welcome to the Cyber Convention for Authors/Readers and Everyone Else

Angela B. Chrysler the brain behind Brain to Books Cyber Convention speaks openly about putting together the Cyber Convention for the third time, describes what a Cyber Convention is and shares how to enroll as an author. She also gives a sneak peek on what readers can expect: books, books, and more books available right from your home. Listen in here. 

to find more from Angela B Chrysler go to 


Ever Faithful to His Lead: My Journey Away From Emotional Abuse 

Feb.  27th 2017

Kathy Pooler's life has offered many obstacles: emotional abuse, her son's addiction, her own diagnosis with cancer and now she faces kidney replacement. Yet Kathy serves all of us as an inspiration: her honesty, her courage and determination to stay in gratitude and faith every day will brighten your heart. Listen in here.

Cover of book Faith, Healing, Inspiration, Cancer, Emotional Abuse, Son's Addiction

More from Kathy Pooler at 

FB: https://www.facebook.com/search/top/q=%20Kathy%20Pooler%20Memoir%20Writer%27s%20Journey%20

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/22798479-ever-faithful-to-his-lead?from_search=true

Blog: www.krpooler.com  Memoir Writer's Journey

Separation Anxiety A Coming of Middle Age Story
February 20  2017

Back Cover "The woman in this book is not famous. The events of her life are not tragic. The setting is not exotic. This is an ordinary story. Which makes it an extraordinary memoir. 
Miji Campbell grew up in a close-knit family in the 1960's and 1970's. The youngest of three girls, she was raised under her parents' watchful eye, in a middle-class Calgary suburb called Kingsland. Her life proceeds in an orderly fashion: coming of age, university, first job, first apartment—then suddenly, inexplicably, it begins to unravel." Listen in here as Miji Campbell explores her book, publishing and what comes next. 

memoir, anxiety, healing, middle age, separation anxiety
for more from Miji Campbell go to 

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My Journey Through War and Peace: 
Feb 6 2017

Melissa Burch, author of My Journey Through War and Peace continues her life journey and her memoir writing with The Heroine's Journey—in this phase of her life, she and her husband have sold up and journey now in an RV! Listen in as Melissa describes some of the adventures they have in the Gaia Bus and why they have chosen to live the way they do. 

Melissa Burch, one of many Memoirists in the upcoming b2bcycon   
Author Alert: for more information about getting your book into the CyberConvention for Exposure, go to www.b2bcycon.com

The Trip Will Change Your Life: Shaman's Journey 
Jan 23 2017

Shaman, the Wise Healers who lived in every village, every town in past times, come to life in our time through Jennifer Monahan. A successful business consultant flying constantly to clients, when Jennifer takes a trip to Mexico, it literally changes her life. Listen in to learn more about this fascinating woman in her life journey to become a Shaman.
Then get her book
Shaman Healing, Natural Healing, Shaman's Journey, Training as a Shaman
Go to www.spiritevolution.co for more on Jennifer Monahan and her remarkable life. 
Jennifer Monahan is part of this year's b2bCycon.com 
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Change Maker Rebecca Austill-Clausen   January 9   2017

Fairies? Elves in your garden? Findhorn and this author, Rebecca Austill-Clausen say yes to all the above. Austill-Clausen began by seeing the dearly departed humans from her life and moved on to notice the Fairy Kingdom. For more, listen in here

This is the cover for the book about Fairies, and seeing beyond the physical.






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