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Another Cheesy Family Newsletter by Elizabeth Silva 
September 10th . 2018 

memoir, raising grandchildren, full time grandparents, parents of addicted adult child

When Elizabeth Silva and her husband discovered their teenage daughter's pregnancy the standards of normal were just beginning to shred. Listen in as Elizabeth describes how she and her husband raised their grandchildren while their daughter struggled, finally successfully, against a drug addiction. Elizabeth Silva has much to say that is direct, warm and insightful. 

My World of Normal  A Memoir 
by Catherine Sword 
September 3rd  2018

memoir, childhood neglect, abandonment memoir, healing, growing up well, despite childhood neglect a great life

When Catherine Sword began to take a backward look at her life she discovered what she had taken for granted was extreme neglect and abandonment. This was her World of Normal. In this interview she describes how her story may help others begin to see in hindsight how their childhood affects their lives now. Listen in here

podcast Girlish by Lara Lillibridge on Growing Up with Lesbian Mothers a memoir

Girlish:   A Memoir by Lara Lillibridge About 
Growing Up with Two Mothers
Feb 12  2018

Lara Lillibridge began life in a hetero normal family. Then when her mother remarried a woman in the 1980's Lara found herself having to hide to protect her mothers, her brother and most of all, her safety within this family of two mothers. Listen in here as she describes her life and her memoir Girlish  due out April 3  2018.

Mother It's Hard to Forgive You: 
Ridding Myself of the Family Scapegoat Mantle 
by Nancy Richards 
August 27 . 2018 

family scapegoating, abuse, growing away from abuse, boundaries, positive self image

When Nancy Richards wrote her first book Mother, I Don't Forgive You many people wanted to know more. Had she ever reconciled with the family who allowed her to be the brunt of abuse? Had she ever spoken with her mother again? Most of all, how had she gained the strength to create a life of fulfillment and what did she have to share with others? Listen in here as Nancy responds to these questions and more with her message of hope. 

Boot Language: Opera and Singing Meet the Wild West 
August 20 2018 

memoir, healing memoir, healing abuse, healing childhood abuse

When Vanya Erickson's Opera singing mother met and married her ex-military husband, the scene was set for something out of classic operatic tragedy. However through an instinct to focus on the positive, look for beauty and try to help others, Vanya Erickson earned her the way into a life of fulfillment. Listen to this author describe scenes from her well written memoir Boot Language. 

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