From the Lake House A Mother's Odyssey Of Loss and Love by Kristen Rademacher
June 22nd

grief, still birth, loss, healing from loss, finding peace after grief

Kristen Rademacher speaks candidly about her experience after the stillbirth of her only child. How she finds peace and acceptance, how her writing takes her to places she would never have gone, help listeners understand the path to peace after loss. Listen in here.

Kristen Rademacher has lived in Chapel Hill, North Carolina since 2002, which is when she began writing. From The Lake House: A Mothers Odyssey of Loss and Love is her first memoir. Visit her at kristenrademacher.comand on Facebook @kristenrademacherauthor

From the Lake House A Mother's Odyssey of Loss and Love by Kristen Rademacher 
June 15. 2020 

This loss leads to a profound sense of peacefulness and gratitude. Listen in as Kristen Rademacher describes her path after the shocking grief of still-birth. Here. 
Kristen Rademacher has lived in Chapel Hill, North Carolina since 2002, which is when she began writing. From The Lake House: A Mothers Odyssey of Loss and Love is her first memoir. Visit her at kristenrademacher.comand on Facebook @kristenrademacherauthor

poetry, humour, insight, wisdom, truth, beautiful poetry, Linda Stitt Talking to Myself

Talking to Myself by Linda Stitt 
June 8 202 

poetry, humour, wisdom, love, insight, Linda Stitt, Talking to Myself

Once again I am honored to share with you Linda Stitt's sampler of her trove of poems. Listen through the first three of these and see if you don't become an instant fan–even if you swear you don't like poetry. Here. 

poetrry, warmth, humour, insight, wisdomTalking to Myself by Linda Stitt 
June 1st. 2020 

In honour of the passing of my dear friend, spiritual mentor and poetry partner, Linda Stitt, today you are treated to a radio program recorded a few years ago. Even people who profess to not like poetry are captive to this poet's simple language, insight, humour,
warmth and perspective on the human condition. Linda always at her best when reading her poetry, creates love, magic, laughter and insight as easily as a robin sings. Tune in, have a taste, then take a look at her websites for more of her books, or the amazon link to her ebook Talking to Myself. You will be glad you did. 

How To Survive Death and Other Inconveniences by Sue William Silverman 
May 25, 2020
memoir, fear of dying, fear of death, humour, gallows humour
Sue William Silverman discusses the importance of our individual life stories. Her passion about memoir, her insight into the value of memoir may find you beginning to write the story of your life. 

How to Survive Death and Other Inconveniences by Sue William Silverman 
April 27. 2020 

Trigger Warning: Gallows Humour on the topic of Death. Sue William Silverman discusses her lifelong aversion to dying, her hypochondria and more in this latest collection of memoir essays.
She reveals her sense of how memoir structures, her own structure in this latest book, the changing voice in the book as she discusses writing, memoir and her journey in life. Listen in here.

Broth from the Cauldron A Wisdom Journey Through Everyday Magic by Cerridwen Fallingstar 
May 11 2020 
Cerridwen Fallingstar, wicca, wiccan, witches, ordinary magic

 Once again we welcome Cerridwen Fallingstar to our show. Cerridwen's down to earth memoir contains many moments of wisdom, skillfully woven between engaging stories. You won't even know she's teaching you! Listen in as this warm and laughter-filled witch shares her stories, her wisdom and her heart. 

Unlocking—A Memoir of Family and Art by Nancy Pressly 
May 04 2020 

memoir, whole life memoir, generations, art, art history, art career, career and family

When faced with a desperation situation, Nancy Pressly began sorting through her life and discovered letters and files from the past. This was the prompt that brought her to write Unlocking, her description of her life as an art curator, art historian, independent entrepreneur, mother, grandmother, traveler and more. Listen in as we chat together.

Sane in Pain by Josephine Jones 
helpful insights for our current time.
April 27th 2020 
TBI, pain as teacher, pain meditation, meditating on pain, how to meditate to ease pain, refocus,

 Join us in the middle of our conversation with this remarkable teacher whose spiritual insights will help you discover how to be Sane in Pain.So much of what Josephine Jones says in this podcast can help us today in our current time of change and uncertainty: focus on one wholesome moment. My friend (no relative) and I discuss her experience of having a telephone pole fall on her head. Listen as she describes her symptoms of bi-polar, booze and drug abuse, and more before discovering the healing power of meditating with the pain and separating pain from fear.
You drop into the middle of our conversation in today's Soulscience podcast. 
Then check out Josephine's website below— for more ways to stay sane, whether you are in physical or emotional pain right now, or just wondering how to steady yourself through these times. 

memoir, depression to health, healing depression, ptsd resolved, trauma resolution, holocaust then happy, happiness after holocaust, Quest for Eternal Sunshine, Myra Goodman

Quest for Eternal Sunshine A Holocaust Survivor's Journey from Darkness to Light by Myra Goodman
April 20th 2020

memoir, depression, healing, ptsd, happiness after holocaust,

Today we continue our conversation with the passionate and articulate Myra Goodman who talks about her father's journey from holocaust survivor, child with dyslexia, brutal parenting, who grows into a most peaceful and happy man. How did he make the transition so many long for? Listen in as Myra shares her father's wisdom.

Peace in Pandemic: 
This offering of practices for creating calm within your body whenever you desire improve in their power as you use them frequently. Begin, then keep beginning...that is the secret to all meditations! 
Stay safe and be well everyone! 

Practice of Calm Serenity
We are living through extraordinary times of shift and change. As quickly as we know something, we discover it is only partially or not at all relevant. For a species like ours so dedicated to knowing and believing what we know, uncertainty hurts.

Believing what we know involves our emotions. So when, as now, what we know may prove unreliable our emotional waves tend to grow large…our amygdala brain, the oldest part of our brain, the part which registers terror, rage, all the extreme and primitive emotions, sends warnings that there is danger.

This warning of danger causes our bodies to flood with cortisol, a hormone associated with stress. The anti-dotes to this flooding can, with practice, help us maintain a steady hand at the wheel as we navigate the same waters as everyone else: waters that are completely unknown.

Here is an anti-dote. Whenever you feel your stress levels rising, your mind beginning to race, place one hand on your heart area and the other on your belly. Doesn’t matter which one goes where. Now breathe for 3 to 5 minutes, letting your mind follow the breath, as though it is an old friend. That’s it. Relax into this pose for as long as it takes for you to feel calm.

Another way to create a sense of calm through the upset of each day is this. Whenever you think about it, breathe deeply for a minute or two, focusing on your feet. Remind yourself “I have food in the fridge, a roof over my head, I am warm and comfortable right now.” Create a sense of well-being within yourself first.
If you feel inspired to, extend the sphere of well-being, possibly with a dark blue color (dark blue is known to elicit a calm metabolic response) and extend this as far in all directions as you feel good about. Remain in the calm for yourself as much as possible.

Another protective practice that will also enhance a sense of calm amidst uncertainty is the Blue Egg Practice.  I offer this to meditation practitioners and
student yoga teachers as part of their training as yoga teachers. Begin as always with a few deep and relaxing breaths, at whatever rate feels good for you. No need to fuss about yoga breathing or diaphragm breathing, just focus gently on breathing. Now, establish a feeling of calm, perhaps using one of the methods above. Then extend a dark blue, midnight blue egg around you about two and half or three feet out from your body’s perimeter.
Imagine this Blue Egg has a shell that is impermeable. Nothing, no power in the universe may penetrate this unless you agree. See and feel the strength of this shell as you dwell inside, calm, safe and comfortable.

Of course, we want in these times to reach out to others, to say hello and ask after relatives, neighbors and friends. By starting with our own calming practice, we immediately bring a sense of calm to those who share our immediate space. We transmit our inner state to them. So, begin with yourself, and practice calm serenity. Offering your calm, when you are ready to leave this practice, offering your calm to the whole of life in all directions is another way to end by sharing.

Stay safe, and practice calm well-being often.

Broth from the Cauldron a Wisdom Journey through Everyday Magic by Cerridwen Fallingstar 
April 6, 2020 
wiccan, witches, shaman, western civilization old religion, new religion, spiritual wisdom
Join me in this lively conversation with Cerridwen Fallingstar long-time Wiccan practitioner, teacher, witch, speaker and author as she embraces all religions but warns against spiritual infantilism, spiritual marketing and losing common sense on the spiritual path.

Yearning for Magic: Spiritual Journeys of a Mother, Healer and Lover by Melissa Burch 

March 30th, 2020
immune system, homeopathy, t cells, spanish flu, panacea, placebos

My friend Melissa Burch, author of My Journey Through War and Peace about her experiences as a videographer behind enemy lines in the Afghan war, discusses her journey as a homeopath, becoming a mother and now life on the Greek Island of Tinos. Melissa's conversation takes us into the function of the immune system, talk of panaceas and placebos, the Spanish flu and more in this fascinating discussion about healing, here. 

Homeopathy, Covid19, chipmunks, natural elements, Yearning for Magic, Melissa Burch

Yearning for Magic: Spiritual Journeys of a Mother, Healer and Lover by Melissa Burch 
March 23 2020
healing, homeopathy, miracles, difficulty conceiving, spiritual journey

Join me as my friend and fellow journeyer, Melissa Burch, discuss natural elements of healing, how our immune systems work, what benefits acute illness may bring to our immune systems and chipmunks...yes, chipmunks and laughter, all here.

Ariadne Sawyer host of an international poetry and prose radio hosted me:

March 12 2020

Her audience ranges to over 100 countries and includes over 6000 members. I am so honoured to have had the opportunity to talk with this amazing host, Ariadne Sawyer.

Listen in here: World Poetry Café

The BreakAway Academy Radio Show:

Paulette Bodeman author of The BreakAway Girl Secrets of a Tantric Yogi 
and founder of the BreakAway Girl Academy took time to interview me. Listen in as we discuss writing memoirs, healing through the mystery of memoir and much more here: The BreakAway Academy Radio Show

The BreakAway Girl—Secrets of a Tantric Yogi

to hear the interview with Paulette Bodeman click here.

Author Interview - My Impossible Life: Trauma, Travel, Transcendence led by Jennifer Monahan: Listen Here

Thailand, Women's Quest, Meditation, Healing with Meditation, Medicine Buddha, Venerable Mother, Finding Venerable Mother
Finding Venerable Mother: A Daughter's Spiritual Quest to Thailand by Cindy Rasicot 
Feb. 24 . 2020 

Thailand Bhikkuni, Female Ordinate, Spiritual Quest, Finding Venerable Mother

When Cindy Rasicot learns her husband's company has offered him placement in Thailand her first response is fear. She does not know the culture, customs or language. She and her husband along with their teenage son arrive in Thailand and after the first three months of settling in Cindy finds herself restless. That's when fate has her meet the Venerable Mother, the Venerable Dhammananda Bhikkuni, a Thai Buddhist nun. And that is where Cindy's journey truly begins. Listen in as Cindy describes her quest and where it has led her.

Mani/Pedi A True-to-Life Rags-to-Riches Story 
by Krista Beth Driver 
Feb 10 2020
immigrant becomes self made millionaire, rags to riches, Vietnamese woman immigrates to USA grows empire

Listen in here for the second interview with Krista Beth Driver, who discloses why she chose to write about the immigrant, Charlie Vo, who braved deprivation and imprisonment to bring herself, her two children, sisters and husband to the USA. Charlie Vo then built an empire multimillion dollars strong. 

Mani/Pedi a True-Life Rags-to-Riches Story 
by Krista Beth Driver 
Jan 27th 2020 
nails, nail business, mani/pedi after Vietnam, fall of Saigon, Communist terrorism in Vietnam, escaping Vietnam, boat person becomes millionaire, rags to riches

Ever wonder what started the easy to pay for mani/pedi craze? Charlie Vo, a Vietnamese woman escaped Communist-controlled Viet Nam to travel through destitute camps, horrifying conditions, extreme ocean waters, to fulfill her vision to make life better for her children. Listen in as Kirsta Beth describes more about this incredible woman's courage and life-saving determination here.

More with Zen Priest Brad Warner 
Jan 20 .  2020 

Have you ever wondered about the impact of Eastern traditions on the Western mind? Carl Jung did. So did Brad Warner. Join me as Brad chats about the Christian lens of Buddhism, and how the teacher/student relationship sometimes mirrors the parent/child. All here on Soulsciences. 

Letters to a Dead Friend About Zen by Brad Warner 
Jan 13  2020
zen simplified, simple zen, bare zen, punk rock zen, zen teacher Brad Warner

In this lively interview Brad Warner speaks clearly about the essence of Zen practice, how Zen and meditation may mean the same thing, or not, and many more fascinating details regarding the culture of Zen in different countries and the history of Zen in ours. Listen in for some surprises from this common-sense down to earth Zen teacher, Brad Warner. 

For more books by Brad Warner and to listen to this fascinating speaker go to: 

Mennonite Daughter Story of a Plain Girl, Mennonite upbringing Marian Beaman

Mennonite Daughter: Story of a Plain Girl by Marian Beaman 
Jan 6 2020

Mennonite, leaving Mennonites, finding self in colour, finding self
Marian Beaman loved her family and neighborhood. She describes with such detail her life in rural Pennsylvania among rural Mennonites and their culture. It came as a shock to discover as she began to grow up that she was not comfortable in the plain cap and extra plain clothes of the traditional Mennonite women. Listen in as Marian describes her shift from Mennonite daughter to her own strong personality.


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