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Yearning for Magic: Spiritual Journeys of a Mother, Healer and Lover by Melissa Burch 
March 23 2020
healing, homeopathy, miracles, difficulty conceiving, spiritual journey

Join me as my friend and fellow journeyer, Melissa Burch, discuss natural elements of healing, how our immune systems work, what benefits acute illness may bring to our immune systems and chipmunks...yes, chipmunks and laughter, all here.

Thailand, Women's Quest, Meditation, Healing with Meditation, Medicine Buddha, Venerable Mother, Finding Venerable Mother
Finding Venerable Mother: A Daughter's Spiritual Quest to Thailand by Cindy Rasicot 
Feb. 24 . 2020 

Thailand Bhikkuni, Female Ordinate, Spiritual Quest, Finding Venerable Mother

When Cindy Rasicot learns her husband's company has offered him placement in Thailand her first response is fear. She does not know the culture, customs or language. She and her husband along with their teenage son arrive in Thailand and after the first three months of settling in Cindy finds herself restless. That's when fate has her meet the Venerable Mother, the Venerable Dhammananda Bhikkuni, a Thai Buddhist nun. And that is where Cindy's journey truly begins. Listen in as Cindy describes her quest and where it has led her.

Mani/Pedi A True-to-Life Rags-to-Riches Story 
by Krista Beth Driver 
Feb 10 2020
immigrant becomes self made millionaire, rags to riches, Vietnamese woman immigrates to USA grows empire

Listen in here for the second interview with Krista Beth Driver, who discloses why she chose to write about the immigrant, Charlie Vo, who braved deprivation and imprisonment to bring herself, her two children, sisters and husband to the USA. Charlie Vo then built an empire multimillion dollars strong. 

Mani/Pedi a True-Life Rags-to-Riches Story 
by Krista Beth Driver 
Jan 27th 2020 
nails, nail business, mani/pedi after Vietnam, fall of Saigon, Communist terrorism in Vietnam, escaping Vietnam, boat person becomes millionaire, rags to riches

Ever wonder what started the easy to pay for mani/pedi craze? Charlie Vo, a Vietnamese woman escaped Communist-controlled Viet Nam to travel through destitute camps, horrifying conditions, extreme ocean waters, to fulfill her vision to make life better for her children. Listen in as Kirsta Beth describes more about this incredible woman's courage and life-saving determination here.

More with Zen Priest Brad Warner 
Jan 20 .  2020 

Have you ever wondered about the impact of Eastern traditions on the Western mind? Carl Jung did. So did Brad Warner. Join me as Brad chats about the Christian lens of Buddhism, and how the teacher/student relationship sometimes mirrors the parent/child. All here on Soulsciences. 

Letters to a Dead Friend About Zen by Brad Warner 
Jan 13  2020
zen simplified, simple zen, bare zen, punk rock zen, zen teacher Brad Warner

In this lively interview Brad Warner speaks clearly about the essence of Zen practice, how Zen and meditation may mean the same thing, or not, and many more fascinating details regarding the culture of Zen in different countries and the history of Zen in ours. Listen in for some surprises from this common-sense down to earth Zen teacher, Brad Warner. 

For more books by Brad Warner and to listen to this fascinating speaker go to: 

Mennonite Daughter Story of a Plain Girl, Mennonite upbringing Marian Beaman

Mennonite Daughter: Story of a Plain Girl by Marian Beaman 
Jan 6 2020

Mennonite, leaving Mennonites, finding self in colour, finding self
Marian Beaman loved her family and neighborhood. She describes with such detail her life in rural Pennsylvania among rural Mennonites and their culture. It came as a shock to discover as she began to grow up that she was not comfortable in the plain cap and extra plain clothes of the traditional Mennonite women. Listen in as Marian describes her shift from Mennonite daughter to her own strong personality.

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