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A Novel of Reincarnation, Karma and Redemptive Release Cover of book Medicine Buddha/Medicine Mind parallels of Neuroscience and Visualization Meditation

Interview with A.F. Stewart on The Stain

This interview with A.F. Stewart reveals sections of my life including how I sailed the Gulf of Mexico in tornado season, downed shots of Chang with Mongol mountain men in the north of India, saw the sunrise on the Himalayas, spent three months in strict meditation retreat in New Zealand, worked as a hotel chambermaid, bar waitress, telex operator, and cruised the Pacific all before I turned 25 years old. Go here for more

The Stain

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The Dead do not rest. Committed to her own life, each woman's life revolves around a single, horrifying action that took place hundreds of years earlier. How to clear the repetitive cycle?

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The Stain Excerpt - Mary's Life 1885 London England
The Stain Excerpt - Tahni's Life 1640's Tonawanda

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Medicine Buddha/Medicine Mind

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Want to know more about how your brain works? Want to learn to work with your mind, instead of against it? Ever wonder about those images from dreams, from when you read a really good book, or just from daydreaming? In this book the seams between our experience of mental visualizations (dream images, daydreams, imagination, or Tibetan icons such as Medicine Buddha) and what the latest in Neuroscience has to say about images, are joined in easy to read, simple language.


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Bliss Pig and Other Poems

Homage to the Canada Arts Council

Two poets of small recognition
were losing their spark and ambition
til a government grant
made Can out of can’t
and now they’re hell bent for perdition.

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