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Mandlebrot Sets, one of many shapes called Fractals, bring to the world of geometry an entirely new way of calculating shape, distance and size. And the beauty of Fractals involves that little shape, the cat, or fat man, or Buddha tilting here slightly to your right.That shape dissolves in the ever more intricate patterns arising from the edges of the Fractal, those nerve like bits appearing all round. That is, the Mandlebrot Set dissolves and then reappears again, shaped up from the unique spontaneous movement of the fractal itself. 

     Nothing excites me more in science than this: a still point in the turning world. That phrase comes from T.S. Eliot’s poem The Wasteland but nothing might be more true than this complete spontaneity eliciting an unwavering center.

     I believe the Center is Love. I believe Love is a fast vibration, a rapid vacillation at the very heart of every person, animal, plant, rock, ocean wave…all of it. That may be why the Mandlebrot Set describes for me the delight I feel in how our world, our experience of our world, changes and changes, yet stays at its centre, the same.

     The story of my life corresponds with the Mandlebrot Set. My inner shape emerged differently after I was kidnapped, raped and tortured when I was 16. Instead of embracing life as I had previously, with all the vigour of a strong, healthy young woman, I withered into a dark, inwardly dwelling ghost.

     Then within a year I met Namgyal Rinpoche who would become my meditation teacher. I ignored him as mightily as I could, so intent was I on dying young. I failed.

     At 20 I was in His Holiness the Sakyapa’s Temple in Dehra Dun India where for ten days or more I experienced Initiation into the various forms of Tibetan Vajrayana Tantra Buddhism. I didn’t understand any of it.

     Through following my Teacher’s restless wanderings, I climbed glaciers in Norway, watched Maori dancers in New Zealand, lived near the hot springs of Roto Rua, and undertook a three month intensive meditation retreat all before I turned 21.

     More adventures unfolded as I continued to follow Namgyal’s intrepid steps.

     Namgyal Rinpoche proclaimed the nature of life to be transient, ever changing. “Let go,” he implored us often, “let go and enter the stream of Consciousness which alone will truly support you.” After many attempts and failures, I finally did.

     On these pages I point you toward the Love which underscores all of life: through Meditation; discoveries in Psychotherapy; through Dreams; through our collective stories in Memoirs, through all the frontiers of Consciousness we learn the truth proclaimed by Namgyal Rinpoche and many others, “Let Go! All is transient, temporary! Change alone remains the constant!” Fractals indeed!

     I hope through these pages you gain insight into increased joy, increased clarity and increased non-clinging awareness!

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